Lauren Williams is a fitness model, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, motivator, mover, thinker, and a huge proponent of mental health. She truly believes that fitness is the gateway to achieving an amazing life. 

She studied psychology at NYU and always imagined she would become a therapist; but after four years of undergrad she was happy to put off grad school and get swept up in the world of modeling and entertainment. Modeling took her around the world and gave her the chance to see life from many different perspectives. She met many people, made many friends, had countless side jobs along the way. She learned about the things she finds essential to leading a great life.

Naturally athletic and born with a passion for dance, Lauren started working with fitness brands early in her modeling career. In 2011 she signed with Wilhemina's fitness division and took that ability and passion to a new level as she began to focus on fitness modeling and personal training in New York City. Since joining Wilhelmina, she's worked with fitness clients such at Nike, Athleta, Target, Khol's, Sweaty Betty and beauty brands like L'oreal, Garnier and Cover Girl. She added group fitness to her repertoire, starting with Chisel Club boot camps in Central Park and eventually becoming a head coach at Tone House and a Nike (NTC+) Trainer. In addition, Lauren has gone from model to expert in the fitness world; contributing to major publications and blogs, such as Self, Shape, Health, Greatest, InStyle, Dance Magazine and Buzzfeed. She also creates and performs featured live streams for companies such as and

Lauren loves being part of each clients transformation. For her the physical is just a part of that, it is really the mental and life changes that can happen from something seemingly small that fuel her passion and make her a unique fitness professional to work with.  

She believes in the power of the community to unlock collective and individual potential, which is why she started Chisel Club. Chisel Club is all about building a healthy, honest, witty, powerful, open community around fitness and wellness to propel us to a healthier life and a healthier world.

Come join the club. 

 Lauren Williams, Founder



I found Lauren by accident - she was the only one who would wake up for 5:30am training sessions 3x/week. She was always on time, actually was always waiting for me. Little did I know that first morning that I would be meeting my biggest fan, motivator, and someone who has become one of my dearest friends. Lauren knows it all, she is totally plugged into the fittness and wellness world, but what makes her incredible is the time, effort, professionalism, and love she gives to her clients. Lauren helped me overcome my emotional issues with wellness - food, work outs, my weight. She helped me not just do more push ups (ugh!) but helped me think healthier about myself, my image, my life. Lauren is not just a trainer, she’s a partner that stood by me every step of the way along this journey to a happier me. I have only Lauren to thank and I know she’s with me every time I hit the gym.
— Carly Miller, Banker
I initially sought out Lauren while trying to find the right practitioner in the ever evolving, and at times confusing world of fitness today. I was drawn to Lauren and Chisel Club because of her holistic approach to fitness, health and well-being. She takes a specialized approach and focuses on individual’s needs and is truly attuned to their bodies and goals. She is always focused on the long-term outlook. Everything is cumulative, there is a methodical progression. It is truly about the individual and nobody else.

I highly recommend Lauren and Chisel Club and could go on and on. Through a focus on functional movement, strength training and mobility, I was able to become a more efficient, faster and stronger athlete. The personal approach to my health and well-being allowed me develop a thorough understanding of how my body works, as I learned about my deficiencies and inefficiencies and was driven to turn my weaknesses and least favorite exercises into my strengths. I learned a tremendous amount about myself, what motivates me and how to get more out of my body than I thought I had. The education, learning and growth never stops. I cannot suggest a better person, motivator, and trainer who is truly focused on a person’s mental and physical well-being.
— Carl Cohen, Owner of Veralet
Like many other busy New Yorkers, I had a hard time sticking to an exercise routine because of my erratic schedule. As a result, I would go through weight gain and loss cycles several times a year. It was so frustrating! Working with Lauren changed all of that! After talking about my goals and eating habits, she created a custom program for me that fit with my schedule and kicked my butt – hard. I’d honestly never been in better shape in my life. Be prepared to push your limits,… the results are worth it!
— Michelle Layne Lawson, Design Director // Photographer
I last worked with Lauren about three years ago but she still influences me to this day. Thanks to her, I have incorporated fitness into my every day life and I still use some of the things she taught me. Lauren encouraged me to push myself while also respecting my limits. She was always willing to answer my questions and explain to me why we were doing the things we were doing and how physiologically the exercises were affecting my muscles, tendons, etc. If you were to ask me four years ago if I would look forward to working out, I would have said no, that excercising is something to endure and not enjoy. Lauren has forever changed my opinion on that!
— Katherine Mack, Social Worker/Model
Bring the Pain. Never Scared. Roll with the New. These aren’t Emmy-winning Chris Rock tour titles—they’re session themes and rousing reaffirmations from the inimitable, and utterly devoted, sculptor of human form and ambition, Lauren Williams. Hyperbolic? You’d think so. But you might prove less inclined to raise doubt or heap scorn if you take her class or course.
— Michael Moskowitz, Entrepreneur/Comedian